About Us

The Bronx Realty Advisory Board  was founded in the 1940's to provide full labor representation to owners of Bronx residential buildings whose maintenace employees are members of the Service Employees International Union, Local 32BJ.  Currently BRAB represents over 600 Bronx buildings, (a large portion of which are co-ops and condos), which house thousands of residents and employ several thousand Local 32BJ members.

Under the guidance of BRAB's Officers and Directors, with the participation of outside council and many members, a master Collective Bargaining Agreement with Local 32BJ is negotiated every three or four years.  On a day to day basis, Executive Director, Kristen Duncan represents individual members throughout the grievance process should disputes arise between labor and management.  Additionally, she is available to assist members with contract terms and labor problems by phone.

BRAB's Officers and Directors own and manage a multitude of properties in the Bronx.  Together they serve the industry by participating with other industry organizations in bringing, defending and funding necessary lawsuits challenging various aspects of the control system, Housing Court, and "taking" issues.  Many serve on the Board of the Rent Stabilization Association. 

Some fifteen years ago the BRAB PAC was established to support those candidates on a State and Local level who support owners' rights.  Funded on a voluntary basis by BRAB members, the BRAB PAC has been influential in many campaigns.